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Event planning

As a professional concierge and special events company, your corporate wishes become our command. Surprise, delight and bowl your clients over. If you want to stand out from the crowd, encourage customer loyalty and be remembered for your one-of-a-kind celebrations, our experiences will give you a very real return on investment.

Corporate gifting

There is nothing more memorable or fulfilling than a great experience and that is what you aim to deliver to your customers every time. But what about your team? When it comes to staff rewards and recognition, you can extend your appreciation by gifting them an experience they will remember and appreciate for a lifetime. It will be a conversation point that will get your whole team excited and the gesture will go beyond the incentive of a ‘present’.

Our team of concierges can recommend the best experiences to be gifted from our inventory of more than 120 dining, activity and experience options available on myconcierge or we can create something special for your company, team or for a winning member of staff.

Staff appreciation

What is more motivating than the prospect of a fantastic experience as a reward for a job well done? That’s what we can deliver for you and your high-performing team. While your staff may be accustomed to receiving cash incentives, gifting them an experience they may have never considered or is made possible only through the network and creativity of a professional concierge and special events team is highly rewarding.

Wow your clients with recognition they will never forget. Gift hampers, flowers, dates, pens and key-chains all have their place, but end up dead, rotten or forgotten.

Give your clients a memory and experience delivered by you, designed for them. Choose from more than 120 exclusive experiences available on myconcierge or have our team of concierges and special events professionals create something unique and special for you and your clients, and encourage loyalty through exclusive rewards.